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LumberjAxes is Phoenix / Tempe's first competitive axe-throwing facility.  Competitive axe-
throwing is the latest and greatest new thing! It’s a national sport in Canada. At our cavernous warehouse in Tempe, adults with axe throwing abilities ranging from novice to "axe-pert" can try their hand at it. You and your family, friends, colleagues, wedding party, or scrap-booking club get a lane and take your best shot at hitting the dart board like target. It’s a lot like bowling, but without the clown shoes. And with way more sharp objects.

Our axe-pert coaches provide the premiere axe-throwing experience for walk-ins, private events, corporate team-building, and 8 week leagues. We'll focus on great customer service, so you can focus on having great fun.  Get a squad, take aim, and fire -- ummm, throw.

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Learn to Throw Axes


Back in 2006 indoor axe throwing wasn't really a thing.  Matt Wilson and his friends and Toronto enjoyed the sport in their backyards until the light bulb went off.  The idea:  open indoor axe throwing locations in old warehouses so that anyone could take part in the fun -- and its available all year!  Now, millions of people are taking part in the indoor axe throwing phenomenon with facilities open all across Canada and in a few cities in the U.S.

Lumberjaxes Phoenix / Tempe founders, Corey Deasy and Angelo DiNardo enjoyed a competitive axe throwing tournament while visiting Canada in 2016 and immediately knew that axe throwing would be a welcome addition to the Phoenix region.  Lumberjaxes is located in Tempe near the Halle Children's Museum, and is just a 10 minute drive to Arizona State University main campus.