Do you have questions about axe throwing or booking a tournament with your friends? Take a look below for frequently asked questions.

Group events, typically two hours, cost $35/person. Walk-in sessions, which are one hour, cost $20/person.

The minimum group size is six players.  We can handle groups as large as 100+ people.  You can book for up to 24 people online, but must call us for groups larger than that.

You’ll need a credit card. We require a non-refundable deposit at the time of your booking. The remaining balance is paid at the time of the event via credit card.

Group events are typically two hours. Walk-in sessions are one hour.

Yes. For obvious reasons, we can’t let you throw axes in open-toed shoes or sandals. Aside from that, just wear something that’s comfortable and gives you a good range of motion. Lumberjack attire is not required but will impress and amuse the staff.

You betcha. Axes, lanes, and targets will be provided by us!

Yup, before all events and sessions, our axe throwing experts will teach you some basic technique, as well as some important safety rules.

Nope, for safety and insurance purposes, you must use our axes. They’re nice axes. 

Our minimum age requirement is 13 years or older to participate in axe throwing. However, any age is more than welcome to come in and spectate.

Surprisingly, it’s very safe. Competitive axe throwing businesses have operated without incident for over ten years in Canada. Follow our strict safety rules, and you can be just as safe as the Canadians!

If you cancel your event at least two weeks beforehand, we will refund your deposit. Within two weeks of the event, we will not refund you, but we will reschedule you at our discretion.

Sure you can bring up to two (2) fans… umm spectators with your group free of charge.  Any additional spectators after the first two will be charged the full amount of $35/person for a tournament or $20/person for a walk-in session.

We are rapidly expanding in the U.S. you will soon be able to visit locations all across the country. 

You can book online through out website. Visit the booking page for availability & details.

Tempe is a BYOB facility after 4:00PM!  HARD LIQUOR IS NOT PERMITTED IN TEMPE.  At Glendale we have a full service bar. We also have menu’s on hand for local food venues that deliver fast!!


Call, email, send us a message – whatever works for you. We’ll be here!

HOURS of Operation

11AM-11PM * Group events are
by appointment/reservation only. (6 - 150+ people)​